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Wr250x weight

Titanium valves reduce reciprocating This light quarter liter bike boasts agility easy maneuverability which will turn out to be a solid advantage on both the track out in the city. Yamaha WR250R Dual Sport Motorcycle - Specs, Prices.

Brawny slender the MY WR250X will make streaking through slow o stuck traffic a breeze. Please add your verified items to the list as I know wr250x I 39 ve missed a few.

Small but we also can 39 t complain about their evolution wr250x on the streets either , light , versatile dirt bikes are big part of Yamaha 39 s history the WR250X model is a pure wr250x demonstration of power in this concern. Intake side lightweight titanium valves load reduced springs decrease weight by more than 40% Vs steel valves . Revised frame wr250x components save weight while keeping the bike exceptionally Aug 6 . Wr250x weight.

If you look at the Parts removed list at the bottom of the page, you 39 ll see that I removed about 20 pounds of parts during the oil gas etc: 136 0 kg 299 8 pounds . I would like to keep this thread business only, so please keep the chatter to a minimum Oct 10 .

I drained the fuel tank so I could get the empty weight; the WRR weighed 280 pounds. Nowadays the engine 39 s size isn 39 t as important as the overall package 39 s weight handling Oct 27 .

The thing is, you don 39 t feel it. When I got my WRR home the first thing I did was weigh the wr250x bike take measurements. Yamaha WR250R Dual Sport Motorcycle - Photo Gallery Features, Offers, Video, Specs, WR off road machines, more Directly descended from our YZ , Inventory the WR250X makes Yamaha 39 s off road prowess street accessible. Thumbs Down: - As tall as a normal dirt bike - Skinny hard seat – after two hours the butt needs a break - Unbalanced top heavy feel.

Lets find out how much weight can still be removed, while keeping the bike somewhat civilized. Rear brakes diameter: 230 mm ( 9 1 inches . Seriously if you didn 39 t know May 12 .

Seat height: 894 mm 35 2 inches) If adjustable lowest setting So can we get the WR250R less than 250lbs ? Everything about the R feels welter weight from pushing it around lifting it up, balancing at very low speeds whatever.
Aluminum frame lowers the weight gives a more modern feel - Tall gearing makes freeways long straights not a problem - Bright headlight for after- hours riding. Physical measures and capacities.
One of the main gripes about the WR250R is that the dual sport weighs 278lbs, 44lbs more than the dirt only WR250F.